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Lika Lounge (Barcelona) Bar Review



Lika Lounge is one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona.

With a décor more reminiscent of Miami than Europe, this club’s warm colours and beautiful people might have you feeling you’re in South Beach. But you’re in one of Spain’s hottest bars.

The amiable staff has been trained to ensure that the right people are served the right drinks. Reasonably priced champagne is a popular drink at here, but people come back to the Lika Lounge because of the brilliant cocktails served there.

And if this is not enough you may even book the VIP lounge to have things absolutely your way. Lika Lounge is the address that seasoned metropolis trotters share among themselves – as keeping this gem of Barcelona to yourself would be a shame.

The bar, located between two of the most famous streets of the city – Rambla de Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia – oozes with modern and dashing design. Very tall and blond waitresses are one more stunning feature of this place – and it’s pretty safe to say that their origins go way back to Holland, not Spain.

At Lika Lounge you are choosing not a cocktail – but a fruit it is going to be made of. A French masterpiece, Gray Goose vodka, shows its fabulously smooth quality with a very first cocktail you taste – and its effect quickly comes and quickly vanishes as well – no nasty headache in the morning, too (that does not refer to heavy overdosing, of course).

Moreover, in combination with fresh fruit rich in vitamin C it can “charge your batteries” for the rest of the evening. It is no wonder that a desire to lapse into Lika Lounge comfortable sofas appears already in daytime – luckily enough, the bar opens only in the evening.

Words Blackberry cocktail acquires a totally new substance here, too. And Mohito is just wonderful! A fantastic fresh and strong peppermint taste is just part of its allure. And it is mixed up not from just anything but from high-proof rum with 80% alcohol volume.

According to the latest trends, there is a special procedure for savoring of cocktails at Lika Lounge, too. An instruction goes as follows: first with a small spoon take a bit of passion fruit, floating in the glass, then try a drink itself and finish with a sip of champagne.

During night, Lika Lounge offers VIP parties to specifal guests for fair price. You can contact their manager and throw Hollywood like parties with bbw models doing various activities like stripteases, hostesses, escort services and much more.

Soon you will realize that turning down bartender’s tempting masterpieces becomes more and more difficult – as they all are unsurpassable! By the way, cocktails alone – that is not all. On Wednesday nights at 8pm Lika Lounge gathers sushi lovers and enjoyment of an authentic Japanese cuisine in the length of four hours can start. Delicious!