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A view from a cruise in Alaska

So who would have believed our spectacular Alaska May produce everything needed, including fine time? And not just for our group.

The first group of unaccompanied on the first sailing in May, still had more sun. This trip has been for Rose and me, the holiday of your life. I dislike flying long-haul. Therefore, we and 17 other followers, decided to have four nights Las Vegas, followed by three nights in San Francisco. Let our history pre-cruise in bed quickly.

Las Vegas was something else

Not because of the game, but for a city more glitz and glamor top. We loved it. 20 hotels. 3 shows. many shows. Malls. Two packets Corn plasters. Wow It brought back memories of our first trips to Paris when we were walking off after three days and pray for us to go home comfortable shoes! But it was special. I’m really glad we stayed at the Aladdin. We can not think of anything more pleasant or more. The Dolphinarium and the zoo was great. Remember, once we were inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel we had to join the escape committee to find our way!

San Francisco. Well, in the words of the beautiful old crooner, I left my heart in San Francisco. A city not to be missed. Lovely people and a sense of the ultimate way of life. We chose to stay in the Sheraton Fisherman’s

Wharf, near the port – this was a plus not a minus

The former tram stopped at the door, takes us along the quays different before going to travel through the main shopping area of Castro. The lifts were five minutes foot and not to be missed. Alcatraz ferry and travel left of the pier on the road. When we leave, we use local guides and local newspapers, and often choose to something unusual. On two nights we ventured into the unknown by a cable car, tram and ended up out of our depth – a pancake and a bar in the Mission district (do not ask!), and a superb international restaurant called ‘Home’ in the area of Castro! Add to this a day Jazz Festival at the Berkeley Street, several miles from the city, and you will understand why we had such a good time. The Sheraton is just five minutes from the port, so close Our taxi driver said he had only costs $ 5. That is how they are honest. No effort. No problem. Even the trip from the airport was easy. $ 15 per person minibus, taxi or $ 45 for 2, 3 or 4 people.

Celebrity Mercury was, as always, a very nice ship for the cruise of a lifetime. I will not, however, bore you with information on the ship. It was Victoria, British Columbia, first stop. Lovely, clean, harmless and a city we would have liked more time in.

Alas, he should not be, so he saved another hammering on the minor map! Cruise from there it was really special. We sailed along the inside passage with beautiful scenery and, remarkably, no civilization! On the way we saw hundreds of porpoises. Binoculars were placed on each balcony awaiting the inevitable spout water from a whale. Over the next few days some people have had the chance to comment, others not. Some, like us in the end, could not care less if it has arrived!

The cases have all been magic for different reasons. None of them looked or felt the same thing. Skagway a veritable gold rush of the West “feel to it. The train ride was three hours well spent. We missed dinner that night to the actual sample fresh halibut and chips at the local bar next to the ship.

Icy Straight Point was first – we were the first visitors from a cruise ship – and it was so intact. Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka filled the ports of call Alaska. It would take too long to describe all the wonderful things we all did. From Seaplane helicopter flights, glacier tours to the observation whales. Of course, it all ended too soon. But one thing is certain, it was well worth the effort to go!

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